Monday, December 30, 2013

Cheers! To New Beginnings!!

I know I'm just starting this blog, but I'm trying to get pre-ideas before the New Year so at least I've pre-thought it before I commit.  That's the thing: I wanna commit!  I know that if I do this, bad or good, I'll COMMIT.  

No one's reading my blog just yet but, you know what they say:

FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT!!!  I wanna do this right, be organized, and get ahead of the game.  I'm putting my all into it.  I wanna share every step.  So, let me know (if anyone's reading this) which one you like. Also, I wanna hear Ideas, suggestions, etc. and receive any submissions you might have.  This is a collaborative effort, as far as I'm concerned; something I wanna experience with my readers.

It's like anything else right?

  • I Can Always Change My Mind (meaning I can always change things if I don't like them)
  • Just Show Up (I'm sticking to this for one year, no matter what)
  • I'm Doing This For Myself (just like anything should be done)
  • This Will Be A Learning Experience (as a GD this will help me learn more about Web design)
Now for RULES!!
  • How often? (at least once a week, hopefully more, but I want to be realistic)
  • Using This as a Food Journal? (I want to use this forum for so many things, but healthy transformation is at the top of my list)
  • Mix It Up! (I don't want any one of my inspirations or passions to dominate my posts)
  • BLOG Mindfully (Remember I can talk about anything)
  • Don't Be Too Hard On Myself (everyone has slumps or bad days, no one is perfect)
Subject Matter?!!
  • Style
  • Fashion
  • Architecture & Home Decor
  • Health & Fitness
  • Travel
  • Family
  • Cooking & Food
  • Retail Therapy
Basically, it's a lifestyle blog.  It's gonna be about my journey to get healthy, share ideas, photos, experiences, try new things, and showcase & highlight what I think are hits & misses.

So, I'm trying out new looks and fonts.  I was really inspired by this designer and SERIOUSLY heart her blog and her style.

I'm "over the world" excited to get started.  I wanted to post this up and get some headers going before I start my post on 1-1-14.

I'll being starting a new diet, trying new Web tricks, going shopping for healthy starters, buying some new gym equipment.  All of these things in my daily life that I want to get journaled for myself, and I thought this would be a great forum.

I'll be starting Jan. 1st with a detox and workout regimen which I'll talk about then, and moving on to what I'm eating on a daily basis.  OK, let's get started, and I'll see you soon!  Thanks for reading and hope you all enjoy this journey with me!

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