Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mindfully Preparing for the New Year... Starts Tomorrow!

Getting ready for tomorrow, I'm having so many thoughts about what I'm going to do to make this change.

  • Workout (how? and what?)
  • Diet (planning meals)
As I was saying to my boyfriend I am a serious creature of habit and routine.  Knowing myself I have to set aside time to do the work and not overwhelm myself to get into an everyday workout routine.

I've been fit before.  after three rounds of P90X I realized a couple of things.  Being overwhelmed or injured will not make me go back to the gym, but, routine is my friend.  I've allowed myself for the past year to get grossly out of shape and I need to be realistic about what's going to work for me.  #1 for me is surrounding myself with like minded people.  My boyfriend and I will be doing this together, so that will be a huge plus.

P90X also helped me learn how to eat.  What to eat, and meal planning, are so important.  Because of routine being so crucial for me, I'm going to choose 3 to 5 of each meal and for the first month get in the habit of eating well.  So, for starters...

3 to 5 breakfast options
3 to 5 snack options
3 to 5 lunch options
3 to 5 dinner options

For example:

protein shake
egg whites, toast, yogurt, strawberries
overnight oats or oatmeal

raw almonds
string cheese
rice cakes

Different Salads

fish, rice, veggie
chicken, rice, veggie
lettuce wraps

I will be opting these recipes as I make them.  This routine of making and eating the same things will help get acclimated to creating a healthy lifestyle and not not be so tempted to cheat.

Speaking of cheating, I'm hoping to come up with healthy cheat meals.  Things that even if I feel like I'm indulging, will still not take me off track.

Just to sum up, diet, exercise, oh, and also, a cleanse; which after the New Year and my journey starts, I will be posting all the details as to what goes into these things. Oops, almost forgot WATER<WATER<WATER!!! I'm committing to at least 67.6 oz a day.  This is actually one of my resolutions, which I will post all of tomorrow.

As for tonight, even though it's my last hooorah, I'm not going overboard.  I wanna be able to go to the gym tomorrow morning. My evening will consist of cooking for friends (recipes I've gotten off Pinterest of course), and a glass or two of Champs, going to my boyfriend's work to ring in the New Year, and home to bed.

What am I making? Glad you asked.

Often times when making a recipe for the first time I will not tweak it, so if you go to the source you can get the whole recipe.  I get most of my recipes off of Pinterest and then tweak them to make them my own, which I will always include recipes.

My best friend Sarah is always trying to find a foolproof crane cake recipe, and when we waited tables in Florida the restaurant we served at had the BEST!  Because that place no longer exists and we were not smart enough to get the recipe, we keep trying to make our own.  So I thought for tonight I would make the end of her year by trying this one.

These I will be tweaking.  No slider and adding a few things.  I will put pics of the finished products and recipes.

My ultimate goal is to look and wear something like this next New Years.  

Gotta run to get ready, see you in the New Year!!

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