Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Deep Thoughts (at the gym)…

One saying I learned to live by on my first round of P90X that has shaped the way I think after a day of hard work, to get my booty to the gym is

I know that if I just go to the gym, or turn on whatever video I'm doing, that I will get into my workout soon into it, and feel great doing it.

Today my food intake was:

1cup Chobani vanilla yogurt with sugar free Sprouts "Go Nuts" Granola, strawberries and bananas
Starbucks grande decaf mist with sugar free vanilla and skim milk

A handful of almonds

Kale chopped salad with roast chicken breast, skim mozza & Bragg healthy vinaigrette (same as yesterday)
and 1cup of last nights Red Lentil Soup

Winter Abundance Bowl

You can access the recipe at the link above.  I forgot to add the lentils and roasted all the veggies.  It was SO GOOD!

I still am having trouble fitting in my afternoon snack, but am positive I'll be so hungry by then soon that I will naw my arm off if I continue to forget.  We'll see..

While at the gym today I was thinking about all the stuff I dream to take with me.  I'm thinking I might splurge and get Beats by Dre earphones.  You know what?..

I will treat myself to a pair when I have been on this plan for ONE MONTH.

I'll follow a post in February with this update.

NEwayz…  I was dreaming about all the things I would like to take with me and this is what the cloud over my head looked like:

sports bra // pants // tank // hoodie // kicks // socks // bottles // bag // headphones

My workout tonight was all cardio, 45 minutes

15 elliptical: 7 rise 5 resistance over 160 strides/min
15 treadmill: run/walk intervals
15 elliptical: 7 rise 5 resistance over 145 strides/minute

Catch up with you guys tomorrow.  Thanks for reading!

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