Friday, January 24, 2014

Getting More Organized

I've spent the last two weeks cleaning out my house and it is a project that is never really finished, as we all know too well, an ongoing battle.  I have so many goals with my blog for 2014 and, like I said in my last blog, I'm just having a hard time getting to it.  It's a slow process and I think about it so much.  Between working out and my 8-5 job, it's really difficult to find the time.  But I'm grateful for both and will dredge on until this new thing becomes more familiar.

First step...

Buy a blogging journal.  I make so many notes throughout my day, and just don't remember where I put them.  My thoughts and notes are so organized at work.  It's because I sit at my desk with all my notes in front of me and check them off as I go.  So, why don't I do that with my personal time.  I am really forgetful and I know that it would be helpful.  Instead I've been keeping a notebook at work and at home, neither which is on my person when I randomly think of ideas at a stop light or while I'm shopping.

I had been looking for a notebook for a couple of days, something different and chic, but couldn't find one and the really efficient ones with the pocket, that I love, were sold out at Target.  On my way home last night I realized I needed a working grocery list on my fridge and decided to stop by the stationary section at TJ Maxx, and low and behold I found the perfect notebook.  It's all about size for me, because all I care about is how much real estate it's going to take up in my life, and by my life I mean my handbag, which is literally, like most women, my life.

This is the "first step" in getting my thoughts organized.  Just like my stuff I have finally sucumb to the fact that I cannot keep it all together upstairs.  Can any of us really?  With all I have going on and all the things in my life that I love, oo and all the ideas that run through my head, I need a place to keep it all.

It's made by Eccolo and I love it! Tape Dispenser // Stapler

My mantra lives! "Busy Bee" It stays on my desk when I'm working in my bag when I'm on the go and on my nightstand when I sleep.  That is when I do my BEST thinking.

I'll be rapping up this past week in a couple of days and also updating you all on how the cleanse went. whew!  I've got upcoming posts on gifts for VDay and I'm currently styling my bar cart at home.  Lots of ideas and I'm getting them all down, instead of holding them all in or losing them somewhere in the never never.

I'm also starting a new post, once a week about my night to cook dinner for my friends.  Every week, usually Thursday or Friday, I've been making dinner for them and it's something I look forward to, to say the least.  I'll be posting those recipes and more.

I've realized it's time to start taking my own pics. Please bare with me while at first they will more than likely be iPhone photos.

That pretty much sums it up.  I'm working on a blog signature which is my goal for next week and only 2 more weeks to go until I'm getting my new headphones.  I've been LOVING my "Start Fresh" workout this week.  Very challenging!

Have A Great Weekend!!

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