Monday, January 27, 2014

Last Week's Workout & Last Night's Supper

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Sorry, this is gotta be a quick one because I've got doubles this week.  I'm trying to do 45 minutes of cardio int he morning and at least 3 minted of weight training in the afternoon.  Whoo, just for this week, at least, to see if it jump starts anything for me.

I wanted to update you all on the "Fresh Start" workout I did last week.  It was awesome!!  Way better than the "10 Week Workout" the week before.  It was full body, and with alternating cardio I got a great workout.  I had a gentleman approach me at the gym and ask me if I was okay.  So, it must be challenging.  I mean, I am a buffer puffer, but I think it was the manner in which I was standing in front of the fan with my mouth wide open. LOL  Listen: after 90 total walking lunges and 90 total step kicks in one workout, you had been puffing, or you're taking too long of breaks.

Had a great weekend and stayed on task my cheat was french fries and a mini ice cream sandwich, no biggie.  To round out our weekend last night we had an incredible supper.  I wanted to make it special since it's really the only time my boyfriend and I get to spend together.  Unfortunately he's picked up a double shift on Saturday, so we're missiles in the night.

I made his fave, Penne Beef, but also made a stuffed mushroom appetizer.  Because I had so much stuffing leftover, I am making them again tonight and will post the recipe tomorrow.  They're incredible; with homemade walnut sage pesto & lump crab meat.

As for the Penne I wanted to get the recipe up for you all ASAP....

                                                        For a Printable Copy of this Recipe, Click Here. . . 

This really is the easiest thing, and great hot or cold!  You can also use this balsamic for anything.  It is the absolute BEST!!

Today's Meals:

Matcha Vanilla Smoothie  still my fave!  It's getting to the point where I can't have a morning without it.
Scrambled Egg whites with spinach and hot sauce

gluten free pretzels

Kale salad mix
diced roasted chicken breast
pomegranate seeds
fat free feta
& the balsamic vinaigrette (from the recipe above)

handful of almonds

I spent so  much time today updating and connecting all my social media that I didn't leave much time for posting...

Ooooo, also went on a hike to the Colorado National Monument.  It was beautiful.  If you go in the front gate on Rimrock (in GJT) the first trail is less than 1/4 mile down the road.  One of the highest hikes I've ever done.

It's about an hour in full length, and a butt kicker.  LUVED IT!!

Gotta run, groceries and gym.  See you guys soon!

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