Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Quick Recipe Post & a Promise!

I wanted to get last night's recipe up before my day got away with me.  Today is the day I workout twice, so I don't have much time.  Last night I made a Fajita Bowl, and I know most people know how to make all of these and put them together, but some don't think to do it.  Also, I use to buy the Spanish Rice in a bag and make it but it was not brown rice so I stopped.  I then realized I had a from scratch taco recipe from Martha Stewart Everyday Food that I could adapt into taco rice, and so the Fajita Bowl was born.  I will eventually post the rice recipe separately but here's last nights supper for now.

                                                                           For a Printable Copy of this Recipe, Click Here...

Meals Today
decaf coffee with almond milk and SF Vanilla
NF Vanilla Greek Yogurt with SF granola and blackberries and raspberries

a pear and a handful of almonds

one "Brown Rice Stuffed Pepper"
Kale mix with balsamic vinaigrette and FF Feta

gluten free pretzels

I think for dinner polenta w brussel sprouts and chicken sausage, we'll see...

The Promise

I am going to REALLY try to take more pics.  I realized I keep posting the recipes but with no photos.  So, will do!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a beauty post; cross those fingers! hee hee

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