Monday, May 19, 2014

Ultimate Realization!

I'm rounding out the first week of this clean eating plan and i remember why I started it...

I was feeling groggy and down every day.  Since eating clean I have to say, it's a revelation.  I don't think I will follow this plan to a tee the entire 2 weeks, but it has already changed the way I look at eating.  I feel lighter but still more satisfied, happier and settled with the fact that I have more energy and more motivation.  I guess I knew how to eat before but this has definitely rejuvenated my knowledge in meal planning.

Couple of things about this BuzzFeed plan:

I will definitely use some of these recipes, but switch them up to my liking.

I will change and set the portion sizes to fit my liking.  Most of the recipes are just too much food for me.

It has made me eat things I wouldn't normally eat and use them in a very unique way.

I have now gone back to being a snacker, and I love it.  Eating more often makes me happier overall.

I'll never give up things I love to eat, I'll just have them A LOT less often.  Screw a cheat day!  I figure that there's a lot of temptation out there.  It's better for me to eat as well as I can all the time. Then if there is a social temptation, to indulge.

These are just some of the rules that I'm starting with.  I don't know if they are rules so much as lessons.  This has also inspired me to keep up blogging.  When I started this I felt like I had to blog everyday, and it was overwhelming.  So, I went almost 6 weeks feeling as if I had nothing left to say. After designing my own website for my small side business I found a format I'm more comfortable with and am having a meeting today to see if I can get the mass of my blog switched to something that's easier for me.

As far as my lifestyle is concerned I am learning to take things slower and have more patience instead of just jumping in and exhausting myself with details.  I'm continuing on with the healthy eating, I'll be coming up with some new recipes and making it to the gym "when I feel like it!"

That's my start, and I hope you'll continue along this slow but enlightening journey with me.

Just remember...